Hey, I’m

Shrinath Nayak

I am a software engineer with over 5 years of experience in front-end development, based in India. I have a proven track record in the computer software industry and am proficient in technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React JS, Next JS, Node JS, Express JS, and Mongo DB. I am passionate about continuously learning and exploring new technologies and have a solid understanding of the development process from start to finish.



January 2020 - Present


  • - Developed Reviews and Rating components (multi- tenant) using React, Redux, and Styled Components.
  • - Building SaaS display components for 6700 clients which serves 665M users at its peak.
  • - Mobile first design and develop approach for display components with lighthouse score of 85 for release readiness.
  • - Setup Datadog Synthetic for all the SWAT apps to monitor the uptime.


April 2018 - December 2019


  • - Built products ground up - React, Redux, Next.
  • - Vantage - A partner web app which simplifies lead management for all ad partners.
  • - Groot - RoofandFloor’s first analytics platform that provides insights on campaigns internal and external.
  • - TrueAssist CRM - A platform to manage TrueAssist (Home Buying Advisory) leads.
  • - Server side render for RoofandFloor website, saved pre-render cost and improved traffic.
  • - Designed and developed multiple product features that helped product lead acquisition grow by 18% and product revenve by 31%.
  • - Implemented lazy loading on project details page - lighthouse page speed ranking improved from 14 to 36 in mobile and 50 to 75 in desktop.
  • - SPOC for front-end production issue resolution.



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